Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Time, Money, +, -

Here are a few anchor charts from the past few weeks:

We loved our time unit this week! One of the great resources provided by Everyday Math is the Game book.  This week we used three games: Match Time, Time Concentration, and Prize Time.  Prize Time involves assigning each student a time on their desk.  If they come to you at their assigned time, then they can get a prize.  What a cool way to motivate them to learn time! 

We loved teaching Change from $5.00 after subtraction this year.  It went so smoothly.  We saw huge growth at the end of the week, with 24/27 students scoring proficient on the exit slip!

Math Notebook Entries:

Each student has a math notebook that we add to on Mondays during whole-class instruction.  This is when we make our anchor charts (as seen above). Students copy down their version of the class anchor chart in their notebook.  We both like the organization that the Table of Contents provides. 
We created a blank template for the printable mini- Frayer Model charts for the weeks that the headings change.

But then some weeks it just takes less time for the students to write if we provide the headings...


  1. Thanks for the anchor charts. We've been working on addition and subtraction. Using a freyer model type organizer is new to me so it's awesome to see how other teachers are doing it! Keep it up!

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  3. Hi Tabitha and Chloe, I hope you start blogging again soon!
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