Friday, February 17, 2012

Geometry Fun!

Happy Friday! :)

We just wrapped up our geometry unit this week so we thought we would post what we've been doing!

Here are the anchor charts from the last two weeks:

Some highlights from our week studying coordinate grid:

Students plot ordered pairs of well-known characters,teachers, administrators, and sports teams

During teacher station, students plotted ordered pairs on their slates.
Some highlights from our week studying symmetry and congruence:

During one of our independent stations, students completed a tiered activity.  The objective was the same:  All students will compare and contrast lines of symmetry in the alphabet.  Students were given cardstock letters (cut from a dye cut) to manipulate.

High and High-Medium groups completed a Venn Diagram to sort capital letters by vertical and/or horizontal lines of symmetry.

The Low-Medium group sorted capital letters by how many lines of symmetry each letter has.

The Low group simply determined whether or not a letter had a line of symmetry.  Then they drew the line of symmetry.

Have a great 3 day weekend! :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

3-D Shapes

It's Friday! :)

We just wrapped up a fun week in geometry.  Students identified and described attributes of 3-dimensional shapes (i.e. vertices, faces, edges, bases).  Here are some of the things we did this week.

We created an anchor chart describing 3-D figures on Monday during a whole-class lesson.  At the same time, students filled out their flip books.  This is when we discussed vocabulary such as edges, bases, faces, and vertices.
During the week, students participated at the teacher station by
interacting with the Smart Board.  Students identified and counted vertices, edges, bases, and faces. 
Here is one of the flip books created during whole-class instruction on Monday.

Students pasted pictures of each 3-D figure in their book.  Then they wrote the attributes for each figure as we filled out our class anchor chart.

Before we filled out the rest of the flip book, we discussed and wrote down important vocabulary words and definitions on the back of our books.

During Independent station, students chose 2 or 3 shapes to compare and contrast using a Venn Diagram.  They referred to their flip books as necessary.

At the Game station, students created riddles for their partners to solve.  Students could use their flip books to describe shapes or to figure out the answer to the riddle. 

Here, a student in one of the high groups, completes a triple Venn diagram.  She refers to the shapes on her desk. 

Have a great weekend!

--Tabitha & Chloe