Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Anchor Charts: 

Student notebook entries:

 Today's Number:

This was a Pinterest find.  We adapted it to fit our third grade needs. :) Students work on Today's Number whenever they finish work at a station early.  They do this in the back of their math notebook.

When introducing Today's Number, we modeled how we wanted the students to write the answer to each Today's Number in their math notebook.  We thought it would be helpful to glue in a word form sheet so students could refer to it for #1. Spell it.  We also only introduced a few of the problems since we had not learned how to multiply and estimate. 

As students knew more skills, we turned over the rest of the problems.  Then we made the numbers larger.  Here is one student's work in her notebook.  This makes such an easy and beneficial sponge or anchor activity.