Friday, February 17, 2012

Geometry Fun!

Happy Friday! :)

We just wrapped up our geometry unit this week so we thought we would post what we've been doing!

Here are the anchor charts from the last two weeks:

Some highlights from our week studying coordinate grid:

Students plot ordered pairs of well-known characters,teachers, administrators, and sports teams

During teacher station, students plotted ordered pairs on their slates.
Some highlights from our week studying symmetry and congruence:

During one of our independent stations, students completed a tiered activity.  The objective was the same:  All students will compare and contrast lines of symmetry in the alphabet.  Students were given cardstock letters (cut from a dye cut) to manipulate.

High and High-Medium groups completed a Venn Diagram to sort capital letters by vertical and/or horizontal lines of symmetry.

The Low-Medium group sorted capital letters by how many lines of symmetry each letter has.

The Low group simply determined whether or not a letter had a line of symmetry.  Then they drew the line of symmetry.

Have a great 3 day weekend! :)


  1. LOVE these ideas!!! The wall-sized coordinate grid is amazing.

    1. Donna,

      Thank you! It took quite a bit of time to construct, but seeing the students love it and learn from it was exciting!

      Feel free to share your ideas on geometry!

      Thanks again,

      Chloe & Tabitha

  2. I love reading about our math adventures so I passed along an award! Stop by my blog- to pick it up!